Sunday, September 2, 2012

art center entertainment design portfolio

i know some are repeated....-o-
 please wish me luck! :o


  1. For Art Center? If so, I thought this was grad show material. Cool stuff.

  2. It is for my entrance portfolio for ACC, but thank you for the compliment. :)

  3. omg I just saw thisss :O!! really great honda! i like the variations of different styles and your sketches for the vehicle :D:D I think you have a really good chance of getting in, goood luck buddy :D:D

    1. thank you!!i hope i do get the opportunity to go, that would be amazing..8o I just read your about me it is awesome. I hope you keep working hard, just keep doing what you are doing, because i think you are a valuable person, and have many wonderful things to contribute to society. i hope you get to read this. :)

  4. Faaaahhhhhh!!!! Your portfolio!!!!
    It' so cute TT_______TT
    Every little silhouette and thumbnail you've got in there is so unique and interesting. You are a design variation master!
    And the story is awesome >.< and your style is adorable, and everything is so effective!
    ( I'm so worried now xD )
    Good Luck >.<!!!

    1. awww thank youu!!!:))) don't be worried, everything will happen moment by moment...-o- and thank you for the good luck!!! i really need it!!!


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