Saturday, August 25, 2012

Entertainment Art friends!!

so while I went to school at LCAD, i made lots of friends and classmates there that I admired alot, in both the Game Art major and the Animation Major. Some of them are already amazing, some, like me, have a ways to go. But all that I can see is their potential. :) I hope they continue on their journeys!
here are some of their blogs/websites.

Jared Lunsford

Yuri Matsubara

Phillip Zhang

Hai Hoang
Jasmine Lee

Bre Galloway 

Xinrui Chen (awesome person and friend)
Sean Thurlow 

Jessica Dinh

Anna Koan

David Woo  

I hope to be honored to continue to know them all along their journeys. Lots of people are disillusioned to believe that everyone at art school, "makes it." That is not the case, only those that are most determined, most hardworking, and who have set a high standard for themselves really do. Lots of people are not good in school, lots of people slack, lots of people drop out and do other things. But I am hoping that those people that were not always good, even those that were terrible at drawing, as long as they keep working hard, can get better and one day succeed. I believe it is possible.

On another note for some reason making this post made me feel lots better. :)


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